LEI wrapped up operations in 2018. We thank our clients and colleagues for 10 remarkable years.

Acquire expert guidance in piloting your DSM product from prototype to commercial success in partnership with advanced energy programs and personnel.

“Jonathan brings both high IQ and high EQ to the intersection of high tech and energy utilities.”John Steinberg, Co-Founder and former CEO, EcoFactor

LEI provided practical experience and insights for companies developing new DSM products and services. Our support reduced clients’ risk of getting stuck in the “Valley of Death” on the way to commercialization.

A highly effective way to reduce technology introduction risk is by engaging with utility-based DSM promotion and subsidy programs. LEI enhanced clients’ interactions in the energy utility domain, helping to build sustainable partnerships with DSM programs and personnel. This improved client products’ chances of successfully advancing from prototype to wide distribution.

LEI assisted clients in:

  • Developing and implementing strategic plans for assessing and deploying new DSM technologies and services
  • Understanding and navigate the complexities of the advanced energy sector
  • Getting “behind the scenes” insights into utility regulatory and business decision-making processes
  • Entering into partnerships and achieve visibility with energy utilities and other agencies and institutions in the end-use efficiency ecosystem
  • Optimizing features and go-to-market strategies for successful launch of their DSM products and services

Case Study: EcoFactor

EcoFactor approached LEI for help overcoming obstacles to successfully launching its web-enabled home energy management system. We provided ongoing consulting services on partnership opportunities, utility pilot projects and other means to achieve market visibility and credibility.

EcoFactor successfully applied LEI’s guidance while advancing from product prototype to launch, delivering record-setting residential DR program results for NV Energy and partnering with Comcast to bring DSM services to its nationwide customer base. EcoFactor also received broad recognition and numerous awards including Cleantech Open National Grand Prize (2009), the GTM Smart Grid Innovation Award (2013), the Cleantech Group “100 Ones to Watch” (2014) and AESP’s DR Program of the Year (2015, with NV Energy).

“Jonathan brings both high IQ and high EQ to the intersection of high tech and energy utilities. He understands where utility practice and logic overlap – and where they don’t. His unique experiences allow him to simultaneously see how a given utility is likely to act as well as how innovators might nudge it toward a happier result.

Jonathan is a trusted source of knowledge and wisdom, I learn something every time we meet.”

John Steinberg, Co-Founder and former CEO, EcoFactor