LEI will announce our new direction shortly. Please check back.

Explore career opportunities at LEI

At LEI, we work with cutting-edge concepts and new technologies — often, products or services that no one except the developer has ever seen before. We help plan how to get these to market so that consumers can use them.

Every work day at LEI is different — and every day brings new challenges and opportunities.

Our clients include leading energy utilities, research institutions, technology companies and other stakeholders in the advanced energy domain — and some of the most innovative people in our clients’ organizations. We refine technology introduction initiatives to make them run better and faster. We provide consulting, capacity-building and advisory services, and we make it part of our business to deliver on assignments that no one has ever tackled before.

Every work day at LEI is different, bringing with it new challenges and opportunities. If this sounds interesting to you, consider trying out for our team.

Working at LEI

We are passionate about work-life balance, and we are committed to flexibility. A career with LEI includes:

  • Flexible work options, working in the office, remotely and on-site with clients
  • Limited travel (1-2 days a month)
  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Family-friendly work arrangements and policies
  • Opportunities for learning and expanding your skillset
  • Knowing that the work you do has a transformative impact on society

Watch this space for future openings

Requests for LEI’s services are growing, and we’re looking for exceptional candidates to help us meet the demand. If you’re autonomous and entrepreneurial, have a strong track record in energy efficiency and related fields, enjoy variety, and are committed to work that makes a difference, consider a career with LEI.