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Applying decades of efficiency leadership to today’s energy challenges

I founded LEI in 2008 to help accelerate progress toward a more energy-efficient future. With 20 years’ experience analyzing, introducing and promoting advanced energy technologies for PG&E and my subsequent work in energy innovation consulting, I wanted to help clients solve their toughest problems and successfully traverse the product introduction “Valley of Death.”

Jonathan Livingston in Kyoto

Jonathan in Kyoto

The challenges we help our clients overcome are often ones that we have grappled with for years. How can product manufacturers, service providers and utilities make energy efficiency as desirable as electric cars and solar power? What are the most effective collaborative approaches to accelerate emerging technology introductions? How can energy savings results be validated cheaply, rapidly and accurately?

Whether we’re helping founders of young companies understand and navigate the unique culture of the energy utility – and the culture shock that can come with it – or working with leading utilities to develop and expand energy efficient technology introductions and other DSM initiatives, our focus is on providing services that make a real difference.

We seek out clients that can benefit the most from what we do and that value our ability to deliver on assignments no one has ever tackled before. I invite you to meet our team and explore the services we offer.

Jonathan Livingston
President, LEI

Meet the LEI Team

  • Jonathan Livingston President

    Jonathan Livingston is a leading authority on demand-side management (DSM) and energy efficiency, and is broadly recognized as a thought leader and change agent. He has launched and guided numerous record-breaking energy efficiency initiatives, including California’s acclaimed statewide Energy Efficient Emerging Technologies Program and its stakeholder group the Emerging Technologies Coordinating Council. Read More…